Why Migrate?


In ancient times, migration might have been for the basic survival and food. Later its causes have changed to climatic, political, economic, religious, or even more love of adventure.

Today people migrate for diverse reasons such as:


However diverse the above reasons might appear, they encompass one common positive reason. It is all about "Living a better quality of life".

Naturally, every major change in life means a little compromising on the less important areas to reap the benefits of a lifetime. It is all about prioritizing your needs, your desires and your dreams in life.

Similarly, migration has its few linked disadvantages too. One needs to:

But none of these disadvantages are substantial enough to deter anyone from planning to live a better quality of life on the shores of a new country.

On a global scale, migration helps in optimum distribution of skilled manpower, delivery of better economic results, and exchange of cultural richness. All these factors result in a harmonic multicultural co-existence on this planet.

Given the pros and cons, migration is certainly a beneficial process for an individual, family and society; and of course for the countries receiving the skilled and younger migrant population.

Migration also benefits the countries from where people emigrate. The migrants help to improve the economy back home with their monetary transfers in foreign currencies with a high conversion rate. Everyone wins in this game!