What if I don't Qualify?


What if I do not qualify for Residence in New Zealand?

If you do not qualify now for the Residence class visa for New Zealand, there is nothing to despair. We are here to guide you and show you other routes which also finally lead there in due course of time.

Where there is a will, there is certainly a way out. These are some of the possible options available for those who are not eligible to migrate immediately:

Like we said, there are many different routes which could take you to your dream destination. Some take longer to travel and you just need a little more patience.

Do not expect everything to be smooth and easy. There are bound to be  invisible hurdles at every single step. You would need a seasoned guide with the local experience and a thorough expertise in these matters.

If your Visa Appraisal did not qualify you for the Residence, you need to have a Live Chat with us now or email us right away. There are still enough options open for you to realize your dreams to migrate over.