Study in New Zealand

We regularly process student visa applications for international students located both offshore and onshore, who are planning to pursue higher education at tertiary level in New Zealand as a foreign fee-paying student.

We clearly understand that the vast majority of the international students coming to New Zealand to pursue higher education have already set their long-term goal as "gaining residence class visa in New Zealand". Unfortunately, we regularly see a large number of them struggling and failing to reach their goal. This is mainly since their education agents were unable to guide them about the work and skilled job market in New Zealand and the correct pathway to residence - since only Licensed Immigration Advisors & Lawyers are legally permitted to give formal immigration advice for New Zealand. Infact, they were mostly given a false picture by their education agents about New Zealand being a "land of milk and honey"; until they reach our shores and the blunt reality hits them hard in the face!

On the other hand, we categorically advise our clients planning to study in New Zealand that "they must study those qualifications which will give them the right skills that are needed in New Zealand". That would open great career opportunities for them to gain local work experience as volunteers, interns and frontliners - which would practically push them on the path to skilled jobs in New Zealand, which could open doors to their residence dream under the SMC or WTR policy.

The most critical factor is to take the correctly informed decision to study the right qualification. If the decision to study a qualification turns out to be wrong, the rest leads to catastrophe, as we see everyday when clients meet us who have absolutely no idea why they studied a qualification or what skilled job they plan to take up.

Our goal-oriented immigration advice to international students gives them a sharply focussed plan and direction to build a great career in New Zealand, which leads them on the correct pathway to skilled jobs, work visas and skilled residence.