Points Calculator

The skills-based migration to New Zealand requires every applicant to achieve the Eligibility Points. Hence we suggest you to first calculate your Eligibility Points using the quick Points Calculator provided below.


Let's see how you fare in the race for Points for New Zealand for the Skilled Migrant category. Just click on the below link provided by the Department of Immigration of the New Zealand Government (Immigration New Zealand):


The NZ Skilled Migrant Category Points Indicator

So what do I do next?

Having used the above Points Calculator and roughly assessed your Eligibility Points for the skills-based migration to New Zealand, you would now be in a slightly better position to decide about your migration plans.

Whatever might have been the outcome of the Points Calculator for you, do remember that it is a very approximate and generic eligibility guide.

Do you wish to go ahead and submit a full visa application on the basis of the above Points Calculator? That would just be a blind date scenario for your fate!

That explains why it is crucial to do a Visa Appraisal for every aspiring migrant at this stage. We want to save your time, effort, money and unwarranted hopes.

Go to the Visa Appraisal page if you want to turn your dream into reality.

If you do not wish to do a Visa Appraisal yet - maybe because you still have unanswered questions and mind boggling doubts - then you need to have a Live Skype Chat with us or email us or browse through our website in more detail.

Once all your queries have been answered in totality, email us your detailed Curriculum Vitae to start your Visa Appraisal process.