Human beings have migrated extensively since times immemorial.

In ancient times, migration might have been for the basic survival and food. Later its causes have changed to climatic, political, economic, religious, or even more love of adventure.

Today people migrate for diverse reasons, depending on their personal, economic and social needs.

Once you decide to migrate, the next bigger question is where?

The country where you wish to migrate depends basically on why you want to migrate. That country must fulfil your reasons for migration. You might need to decide on more than one such country to start with.

Once you know where all you might want to migrate, you need to know if you are actually eligible to migrate to any or all of those countries.

If you qualify and are eligible to apply, then starts the systematic process of applying for permanent residence or migration.

And if you do not qualify to migrate now, we could guide you to consider other options which could still enable you to finally fulfil your dream; like planning to enrol for Higher Education or taking up a Job Offer or even going on a Working Holiday to the country you dream to migrate.

If that too does not work out, you could attain the necessary qualifications, skills or experience which you might be lacking now. Once you are ready with new skills and experience, you could re-apply for migration and then your application might have a much better chance of being approved.