Am I Eligible?


Am I eligible to apply for Permanent Residence for New Zealand?

New Zealand has always kept its doors open for those who deserve nothing but the very best in their lives. Naturally, there are very stringent eligibility and qualifying factors to ensure that only the best people can reach their dream destinations.

Do you wish to migrate using your qualifications, skills, work experience, English language skills and partner skills? That is the skills-based migration commonly known as Residence under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC).

You need to have enough Eligibility Points to qualify for the SMC Residence to New Zealand. The Eligibility Points are based on factors like age, qualifications, skills and industry, work experience, English language proficiency, current employment offer, skills in shortage/demand, and partner skills.

Since the Immigration Policies for New Zealand regularly change with time, one needs the advise of a licensed immigration professional who is thoroughly proficient with the Immigration Act, Policies, Amendments and Operational Manual of Immigration New Zealand and able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a visa application.

It is crucial to do a Visa Appraisal for every client in the initial stages itself. This saves time, effort, money and unwarranted hopes.

To start with, we suggest you to first calculate your basic Eligibility Points using the Points Calculator.