We regularly process student visa applications for applicants located both offshore and onshore, who are planning to pursue higher education in New Zealand as a foreign fee-paying student.


We truly understand that majority of the international students coming to New Zealand to pursue higher education have already set their long-term goal as "gaining residence visa in New Zealand". But unfortunately, a vast number of them could struggle and fail to reach their goal, since their educational agents fail to educate them about the work and career opportunities in the different domains, verticals and industry segments in NZ. They are given a false picture of a "land of milk and honey"; until they reach our shores and the blunt reality hits them!


We always advise our clients wanting to study in New Zealand that "they must study those qualifications which will give them the right skills that New Zealand needs most". That would open for them great career opportunities to gain local experience as volunteers, interns and front-line employees - which would give them the huge career edge in New Zealand and also in their own home country if they do decide to return home.


The most vital factor is to take the correctly informed decision to study the right qualification. If that decision turns out to be wrong, the rest leads to catastrophe.


Our high-end immigration advice on pathways to work visas and residence for international students gives them a focussed direction to make a successful career for themselves in New Zealand, which leads to skilled employment and skilled residence for most of them.